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Rochester Juneteenth Festival Planning Partners

Greater Rochester Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission

The Greater Rochester Martin Luther King Jr. Commission (GRMLK) was founded in September 1985, by Willis Sprattling and Isaiah Jackson. These leaders served as the Vice President of Public and Community Relations at Xerox Corporation and the Associate Conductor of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, respectively.  GRMLK serves as the official body charged with the recognition of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the Rochester area. The Commission was organized to celebrate the first national holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and has since produced the Annual Martin Luther King Day Community-wide Celebration at the Eastman Theater and the Juneteenth Festival. The Commission aims to host other events to propagate Dr. King's philosophy of Non-Violence, Economic Justice, and Community Empowerment.

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19th Ward Community Association

The 19th Ward is dedicated to improve the quality of life for all 19th Ward residents by building community among neighbors, institutions and businesses, and provide support for passionate, like-minded individuals to collaborate on events and programming. With a belief that differences should be celebrated, and all people deserve affordable housing, good schools, equitable access to services, and public safety, we advocate for our neighborhood with schools,

institutions, the business community, and local government. Cultivating a healthy, happy and well-informed community is the vision of the 19th Ward Community Association.

Josie McClary, President

"I am honored that the 19th Ward Community Association is taking part of a celebration to promote and bring ALL people together in the City of Rochester and Monroe County!"

City of Rochester - Mayor's Office

The Evans Administration promotes positive systemic and structural change by providing transparent and collaborative leadership, offering equitable access to essential municipal services, enabling productive intergovernmental private and non-profit partnerships, and promoting increased quality of life through investments that create vibrant neighborhoods and employment opportunities making Rochester a hope-filled city with an exciting future.


Malik Evans, Mayor


Branches Freelancing LLC

As a minority-owned business, Branches Freelancing LLC offers a variety of administrative and marketing services to bring other client's professional vision to life. Whether a business, organization, group, or individual, Branches Freelancing LLC works to execute each client's unique vision, product, or workforce development with high quality professionalism.

Natalie Sheppard, CEO

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